ESPN Fantasy Sports App Reviews

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Mto bom

Very good app


Now, thats a great app.

Best Fantasy App!!

Great App... Intuitive, nice, clean and very cool! Very easy to use and great design. Best Fantasy App ever!!!

Great App

Friendly app for fans of fantasy sports. Good design and a wide range of informations about your favorite sport.

Its good but...

Dont have any draft date

Great App

They really did a great job on this app! Very smart!


The app is okay but I still prefer the Website over the app because of functionality.

Nice with little flaws

Good app with some flaws in the details. Not all functions from the website are visible, e.g. chat function

Please add this feature!!!

The only thing I want to see every morning is how well my team did the night before but I can only see the stats for the night the same night. Otherwise you give the option for the past 7 days but not for the night before. If you want user engagement, you have to give us the ability to track how our team is doing. Thanks! It would be 5 stars if I would be able to do this.

Good app but needs improvements

I like the app but like has already been said it freezes from time to time and its very annoying. You guys should add an IR spot for whenever players become injured...that would really help! Also when will you add non-rotisserie leagues that count many other statistics like +/-, SOG, etc.??

Good functionality!

The app works! It accomplishes what it sets out to do and is entirely functional. The interface needs some tuning to reduce the number of steps you need to take to get to where you want to go. Introducing a rotate-to-landscape feature would be great and limit the substantial amount of horizontal scrolling.


Its a bad app. Poorly designed, low functionality, bad user interface. Just a crap app all around.

App good

Wrote nice long review. Name was taken so they deleted what I wrote. Zero stars for that App Store. Five stars for ESPN app functionality.

Nice job

Easy to use. I had to draft on mobile (not ideal but doable). Updates could be better timed tho.

Awful setup

Football league functionality is awful. ESPN needs to step up their game here.

Zero fun

This app is terrible. The Yahoo one blows this out of the water.

Not impressed

This app is very unimpressive for football. Its just too awkward to see significant stats on my mobile compared to the likes of yahoo that have done incredibly well! If I were able to easily have access to projected stats and bye weeks Id rate this better but as it stands this is a horrible app


Good for basic management. Difficult to use for analysis, I wouldnt want to use the app alone, but it compliments the full site well.

Great App

Easy to use


You cant do anything with the limited info you get from this app.

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